Local Courrier

If your office is in the metropolitan areas served by one of our offices, a local contracted courier will typically deliver your payroll by noon the day after processing.


For clients needing remote or early delivery, Federal Express represents the best alternative. Because we delivery many packages with FedEx, we are able to pass along very favorable delivery rates for most areas.


In some instances, United Parcel Service provides the most cost or time efficient option.

 Go Green

Print Back

*Same day payroll

This GO-GREEN option allows your company to avoid delivery charges altogether while helping the environment.   You can print your payroll checks and reports instantly on your local laser or ink jet printer.   Print-back also gives you more time to submit your payroll because you no longer have to plan for delivery.

Pick Up

*Same day payroll

If one of our office locations is convenient to you [or one of your employees] you can pick up your payroll on a regular basis.   If you have special needs periodically, payroll pick up can extend your deadline to submit and process payroll.

US Mail

If you still prefer paper but don’t need a rush delivery, we can mail your checks and reports.  This option is optimal when all employees utilize direct deposit.  US mail represents the least expensive way to receive a delivery of hard copy reports printed in our office.

Go GreenEmail

*Same day payroll

Our VMR (Virtual Mail Room) GO Green option sends any report or pay stub to any combination of email addresses.  Payroll stubs can be sent direct to employees while any reports can be emailed to your payroll manager, accountant or pension provider.

Employee Self Serve

Save valuable time and reduce requests for pay stub and W2 copies by providing your employees with a Self Service option.  Employees can view and print pay stubs,  W2s and time off balances 24/7.