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Exact offers businesses of all sizes comprehensive services, backed by dedicated, local Payroll Specialists. This combination insures your ease of employee management while simplifying the entire payroll process from hiring general ledger.


Accurate and timely reporting can help you steer clear of compliance problems while providing timely information you need to effectively manage your business. It is likely that we have any special reports you need in our report library with over 1000 system reports. Addtionally, we are constantly creating new customized reports for the special and complex needs of our diverse clients.

State agencies require your business to report information about newly hired and rehired employees. We relieve you of the burdensome paperwork and reporting, and we’ll help file your company’s new hire reports with the correct agency within 15 days of the date of hire.

Our General Ledger reports allows you or your accountant to post payroll entries to QuickBooks® and sixty two (62) other popular accounting programs in seconds. We offer paper and electronic versions of each report. This service helps eliminate costly data entry time and errors. Data can be imported for any set of payroll periods desired making this service a life saver for those who have allowed their bookkeeping to fall a bit behind. Another key feature of this service permits the partial accrual of pay period(s) for year-end accounting purposes.

Providing the right benefits for your employees is critical to maintaining valuable team players. Flexibility and freedom of choice are important components of top notch benefits. Many payroll service bureaus will try to sell you their 401K solution. Exact Payroll provides full reporting and data exchange to most of the larger 401K third party administrators. See 401K interfaces for more details.

Union dues and benefit calculations and reporting are time consuming and unproductive. We code your union rules and reporting requirements resulting in automation of the entire process. Various union reports help you streamline the process at month end. Many unions will take our easy to read reports in place of the detail they request. In many cases we are able to duplicate the unions reporting requirements including graphics. As an added benefit, you are able to show employer paid fringe benefits on paystubs resulting in enhanced employee loyalty and productivity.

Other Services

Correct names and SSNs on W-2 wage reports are the keys to the successful processing of your annual age report submission. One of our optional services relieves you of the work needed to check with the Social Security Administration. We transmit your employees’ data and receive a mismatch report. We send you the report with a full explanation of non matching items complete with suggested actions to remedy your issues.

Our SUI services help you spend less time on unemployment administration and avoid costly claims in the process. We take care of the details that can lead to real savings for your business: from processing claims, to recordkeeping, and uncovering ineligible benefit charges.

Keeping track of costs by department can be critical to monitoring the financial health of your business and certain product lines. When employees work in different departments and cost centers you should not have to spend hours or days tracking and accounting this information. Let us show you how easy it is to track, pay, report on and account for your labor costs.

Estimating jobs costs should not be left to guessing. With our job costing functions, you can track every penny for all labor related expenses. From time clock to payroll to accounting, we can help you track the job without skipping a beat. Our various job cost reports include payroll earnings, deductions, taxes (employee and employer), workers compensation, union fringe benefits and other user defined items. Job costing data can be exported to Excel® for further manipulation.

Jobs entailing government contracts most likely require weekly certified payroll reports. Preparing and submitting these reports can be tedious at best. When certified jobs are paid the payroll system uses job and wage data to populate your certified reports. Once a job has been identified as certified we automatically produce the certified payroll report for that week.