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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Exact Payroll can work with your existing retirement plan or we can arrange a plan that fits your needs with a variety of partners and well-established advisors in your area.

Providing life insurance to your entire group has tax benefits. Premiums are fully deductible and employees can opt to purchase more insurance on their own.

Exact works with a wide variety of insurance companies providing custom tailored solutions for your business. Experience the ease of both enrollment and year-end census requirements by purchasing your benefits directly through Exact or our preferred partner(s). We also provide association-type group benefits for many industries, including a Blue Cross-administered plan offered in every state with a few exceptions.

Exact provides long-term and short-term group disability policies through most insurers as well as Key Man disability for highly compensated executives.

Obtain supplemental insurance to help close the gap between major medical and your out-of-pocket expenses. These plans are often customized to meet the individual employee’s needs and typically do NOT cost the employer anything out of pocket while saving tax money for both the employee and employer.