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With people analytics, you can uncover powerful insights that better support your people and your business by enabling you to make smarter, more meaningful decisions. Exact’s HR analytics tools give you everything you need to better understand your workforce so you can seize every opportunity to adapt and grow. 

Best of all? You don’t need to be a data scientist to use our insights software. Everything is easy to use and it’s all accessible in one user-friendly platform. 

Reporting and Analytics

Why HR Analytics Software Matters

Your employees are like the foundation that supports your business. So if your people aren’t well-managed, that foundation and everything built on top of it will come crumbling down. That’s where people or HR analytics come into play. 

People analytics tools, such as software analytics, take the guesswork out of managing your people. Instead of having to rely on intuition alone, analytics tools provide you with actionable, fact-based insights that you can leverage to better understand your people and how they exist within and affect your organization. 

These insights allow you to truly see the value of your employees and enable you to improve upon and make the most of that value to benefit the employee experience and the success of your business.  

HR Analysis tools assist you to:

Attract better talent

Use data during the recruitment process to ensure higher-quality hires.

Reduce absenteeism

Gain insights into absence rates to make more informed decisions that can help you reduce both intentional and unplanned absenteeism.

Reduce Turnover

See who your top performers are and reward and engage them to prevent them from leaving the company and reduce turnover rates. 

Improve engagement

Use employee engagement analytics, such as feedback data, to gain insights into how to improve employee engagement. 

Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion

Gain insights into the diversity of your workforce, and use that data to make more meaningful changes to support DEI efforts, such as by closing gender and race pay gaps, and eliminating hiring bias. 

Leverage data that is accessible, reliable, secure, and organized all in one place.


With KPI dashboards, you can easily view and measure key metrics such as absenteeism, growth, retention, and payroll. Use this data to uncover trends, patterns, blind spots, biases, and more to help you make more informed decisions.


All the reporting you need to run your workforce in one place, such as HR reports, financial reports, and IT reports. With Exact HR reporting software, you can view, schedule, and share these reports from one platform. You can even create custom reports using our HR report template tool.


End reactive cycles with proactive tools that help you stay ahead and stay aware. Our proactive tools go beyond KPI data. Our insights software can help you measure, explore, learn, and understand based on trends and patterns so you can stay ahead and predict what will happen next.

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HR Analytics FAQs

  • HR analytics, also known as people analytics, is a process that involves collecting, analyzing, and reporting employee data, and turning that data into actionable insights to improve the way you do business. 

  • Employee data can be used to uncover insights, draw conclusions, and make predictions as a means of improving HR and overall business processes related to your employees. Examples of ways HR analytics tools can be used include:

    • Identifying pay gaps based on gender or race
    • Uncovering hiring bias
    • Identifying employee turnover and absenteeism patterns
    • Using feedback data to improve employee engagement 
    • Predicting future workforce needs
  • People analytics software enables your business to better understand your employees. It helps you be more objective and streamline and improve your processes to make the most of your valuable people. It can also help you attract and retain better talent and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

  • There are almost limitless data sources when it comes to people analytics. Some examples include:

    • Demographic data
    • Recruitment data
    • Training data
    • Pay data
    • Performance data
    • Attrition data
    • Feedback surveys
    • Exit interview data
  • There are varying data analysis methods that can be used when implementing HR analytics tools. This can include:

    • Predictive analytics: These tools help you uncover patterns and trends that help you forecast and predict future behaviors or events.
    • Diagnostic analytics: As the name suggests, these tools help you diagnose or determine the cause of past problems, such as issues with absenteeism.
    • Descriptive analytics: These tools offer insights into historical data so you can understand a past event or outcome. 
    • Prescriptive analytics: This is the opposite of descriptive analytics, in that these tools are about collecting data to understand or forecast future outcomes and scenarios. 

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