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Time and Attendance

Data Collection


Kronos InTouch 9100 H4, Finger, HID, Prox Reader and Bar Code


intouch dx-1

Kronos InTouch Dx


xls 2 generic-1

XLS v2 Finger or Proximity



Synel SYnergy A20


Time Management Services

As a UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) partner we offer a variety of state of the art timekeeping features designed to make tracking employee's time and schedules easy and affordable.   

Web Based Time and Attendance Software

Our web-based time and attendance offering is integrated with both payroll and human resources, providing a sophisticated and adaptable system for any business need.

Single Point Support

Receive support from the same Client Services Relationship Manager, regardless of the hardware or software module your company utilizes. No need to call a different number or keep track of a case number. We're here to support you and make life easier.

Enhanced Scheduling

Manager your hourly workforce with confidence. Enhanced scheduling includes:

Build Systems
  • Workload planning
  • Budget and workload definition
  • Define shifts and schedules
  • Manual schedule planning and editing
  • Schedule pattern templates
Fill Time
  • Schedule groups or individuals
  • Schedule to skill and proficiency
  • Open-shift visibility
  • Demand-based scheduling
  • Optimized schedule generation
  • Priority schedule generation
  • Fatigue management
  • Automatic schedule generation
  • Color-coded availability
  • Drag-and-drop fill
  • Employee Preferences
Manage Effectively
  • Schedule rule definition and constraints
  • Schedule change alerts and notifications
  • Skills and certification tracking*
  • Staff management drag-and-drop shift transfer
  • Call list
  • Employee self-service: PTO requests
  • Employee self-service: Shift Swap
  • Employee self-service: Request open shift/cover shift
  • Employee self-service: Change availability
  • Reporting**
  • Coverage graph and metrics
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Planned to actual schedule metrics
  • Schedule costing

*Skills and Certification Tracking – Skills are required and can currently be taken into account when scheduling staff. Credentials and certifications can currently be tracked
if the HR module is enabled and can be taken into account when scheduling staff.

**Reporting – Currently the reports available for Workforce Ready Scheduler are: Open Shifts, Summary by Employee, Employee Availability, and Employee Preferences. In addition, employees will have the following reports available to them under My Account > My Schedule: My Shift Swap and Coverage Requests, My Open Shift Requests, and Peer Schedule Requests.

Schedule Based Restrictions & Lunch Punch

Schedule based punching rules and restrictions are a great way to manage labor costs.  These features allows out-of-schedule punches to require management approval, if desired. Lunch and breaks can also be auto deducted or rounded based on your rules with almost limitless prerequisites.   

GEO Fence Punching

Location-based punch tracking allows management to see where employees punch.  Restrictions allow [or decline] employee punches based on location.  Locations can be tied to an employee worksite or multiple jobsites, with varying degrees of radius flexibility. Available data includes interface with maps and longitude/latitude data.

Expense Reimbursement: Requesting & Tracking

Employees and contractors can easily submit reimbursement requests with receipt images and notes via computer or mobile device. Creating an efficient process for reimbursement requests can save time in the future and relieve stressors for several teams.

Exception Alerts

Get email and text alerts based on your rules. Common exception alerts include: late arrival, early departure, approaching overtime, missing punches and much more.

Punch Attestation

Capture critical data points while employees are punching. The perfect solution requiring  employees to acknowledge performed tasks and other condition have been met. This tool is frequently in business with vaccination and testing standards. 

Employee Surveys

Easy-to-use employee surveys allow immediate feedback to power many HR predictability models. Obtain quick results, enabling your employees to help make decisions and feel a greater sense of belonging.