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Online Payroll: Solutions We Offer

Payroll Processing

One Simple Package

You receive a complete payroll package each pay period. Included in your delivery are processed payroll checks with essential management reports and supplies, including [but not limited to]:

  • Payroll Recap & Funding showing cash needs to meet payroll, direct deposit and tax obligations
  • Payroll Register including all deductions, taxes for all payees
  • Reconciliation showing a list of net pay items to reduce accounting/GL input
  • Master Data Change Report
  • Employees Not Paid
  • Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll


Superior Client Service

Our Payroll Specialists average of over eight years experience in payroll processing client services. Your dedicated rep has in-depth training in a variety of products that complement your basic payroll service. Additional product knowledge includes all UKG module options including Time and Attendance, Human Resource,  Onboarding,  Benefits Enrollment, and much more. No need to bounce back and forth between specialists when you can get all your answers quickly from one source. All of our client service specialists have instant access to our professional tax group (including a group of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Payroll Professionals), resulting in fast & accurate answers to your tax related issues.


Flexibility – You choose who does what

Most of our services are available based on your preferences. Clients may choose to have Exact Payroll perform any combination of duties while maintaining control of the entire process. Some clients rely on our staff to hire new employees while they control the payroll submission process. This flexibility allows you to leverage your administrative staff efficiently without increasing labor expenses.


Security – Get more done with selective delegation

Full security options in both payroll and timekeeping allow you to delegate screen-level access to your staff based on their responsibilities. You can provide:

  • Your receptionist access to only the “who’s in” dot board for live data about who’s on premise
  • Your recruiter or hiring staff access to the applicant tracking area
  • Payroll data clerk access to input hours without visibility of pay rates or salaries
  • Accounting Department or off-site CPA access to run reports but not make employee changes
  • HR staff access to view HR-only data including PTO balances, either read-only or full access
  • Employees read-only access to times worked, PTO, historical pay stubs and W2s


Workflow – Create your own approval process

Use our systems to create your own approval process within your organization. It is quite common for the payroll manager to create and review periodic payroll data without having the authority to transmit the payroll for processing. In this scenario, the accounting department has final approval authority allowing them to confirm cash requirements and funds availability.

Submission Options

We offer a variety of submission options to match your business needs and style.

You can submit data directly to your Payroll Specialist via online, mobile app, email, spreadsheet, phone, fax, timekeeping system or autopay.


Online Client Services

UKG Ready is the leading state-of-the-art online platform that handles the simplest payroll needs to the most complex hire-to-retire processes. The system is available 24/7, allowing you to work from any device anywhere in the world.  Take our online demo for more information.



Our system can talk to your existing procedures and systems. We can accept an email with your payroll data. Using your existing spreadsheet formats is one feature that sets Exact Payroll apart from our competition. Simply send us your spreadsheet and your payroll will be available in minutes. We can also customize background programming inside existing spreadsheets to increase your efficiency/accuracy and reduce costs.



Like to do business with a personal touch? Your dedicated account manager will be familiar with your company and the uniqueness of your payroll. Exact Payroll can accept your payroll information over the phone at your convenience or we can call you at a specified time. You can even leave your payroll details for your dedicated account specialist after hours at your convenience.



Faxing your hours and pay items is most flexible for those who do not have access to a computer. We provide you with detailed input worksheets listing all employees, salaries, rates, deductions and special notes. Simply fill in the hours by category, make special notes and fax. This service is available 24/7.


Time and Attendance System

Using one of our online timekeeping systems allows clients, both large and small, to submit hours directly to our payroll staff. Resulting accuracy and time savings can be huge, making an immediate impact on your payroll preparation process.


Auto Payroll

For companies with payrolls that are the same each pay period, we can automatically process your payroll and pay your staff the same amount each time unless you tell us otherwise prior to your scheduled process date/time. Combining this feature with electronic delivery and/or self service can put your payroll on auto pilot.

How to Pay your Employees

We offer a variety of payment options to match your business needs and style.

You can pay via company check, direct deposit, trust check, payroll debit cards, or cash.


Company Check

Live payroll checks can be delivered in various formats. These checks are printed with your company banking information.

  • Top Stub open checks allow you to apply your signature prior to distributing
  • Sealed checks provide a mail ready format allowing quick distribution and mailing
  • Your company logo can be printed on each check
  • Signature options can help save time. Signature option is required for sealed checks
  • Check numbers can be started anywhere and run consecutively


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit removes costly, manually processed paper checks. This purely electronic method for transferring wages reducing human error resulting in a more efficient and accurate payday. Most employees appreciate the convenience, security, and reliability of direct deposit. It provides fast access to cash, eliminates a trip to the bank, and helps employees meet their personal budget needs in a more timely manner.

Our direct deposit service allows employees to have all their wages deposited into one or more checking, savings or money market accounts. Deposits can even be made to a payroll debit card or a child’s account or debit card.


Trust Check

Trust Checks simplify your accounting entries and remove the time consuming task of reconciling your payroll checks. We debit your account once, draw employee payroll checks from our checking account, and ship them to you pre-signed and ready for distribution. The checks still have your company name at the top.

Trust Checks include our Positive Pay feature, which allows your company to avoid the fraud risk associated with issuing many checks from your account. We take full responsibility for all unauthorized and fraudulent transactions to our payroll disbursement.

Positive Pay is a cash management service that provides a deterrent to check fraud by which banks compare a list of our issued checks with checks presented for payment. Suspicious checks are referred back to us for approval prior to being paid.


Payroll Debit Cards

According to the American Payroll Association, four million (4,000,000) paychecks are lost or stolen each year. A Visa-branded debit/payroll card increases efficiency, savings and flexibility for both the employer and employees. Thousands of employers of all sizes offer Visa branded payroll cards as a way to help meet the diverse needs of their work force.

Visa estimates approximately 80 million people in the U.S. (about 25% of the U.S. population) lack a bank account or access to a payroll debit card. These same workers receive about $1 trillion in annual income. Most of these people rely on cash transactions for everyday purchases. Our guaranteed-issue Visa payroll card offers a safer, more convenient alternative to paper payroll checks.



Many cash-based business owners mistakenly believe that a payroll service can’t help because employees are paid cash. In fact, all employers are responsible for reporting wages, withholding and paying taxes and filing returns including accurate W2s and unemployment statements. Employees paid with cash can be issued vouchers summarizing their wages. Vouchers will show all typical wages, taxes and deductions plus a special cash payment notation/deduction denoting the cash payment.

Self Service for Employees

Provide your employees with the flexibility to access & manage their own services, such as:

  • View Paystubs
  • View W2s
  • View PTO Balances & Request Time Off
  • Geofence-Controlled Punching
  • Scheduling
    • Request schedule changes
    • Schedule swaps
  • View Work History

Tax Service

Exact Tax Payroll Tax Services

Payroll Taxes are an ever-changing federal and state regulation. Let Exact Tax, our payroll tax service, calculate and deposit payroll taxes and file your tax returns — as we do for hundreds of businesses across many different states — and help you feel confident that your tax obligations are in expert hands.

Exact Tax helps you manage your payroll tax obligations, including:

Federal Tax Liability

  • Federal Income Tax
  • Employee/Employer Social Security
  • Medicare

All employers must withhold and deposit to the IRS federal income tax, social security taxes and Medicare taxes. Exact Tax can make these payroll tax payments on a quarterly, monthly, semiweekly or next-day basis as appropriate for your tax liability. We also meet federal EFTPS requirements for the employers who must make their payments electronically, and file Form 941 quarterly, or Form 944 annually, to reconcile taxes calculated versus taxes paid.

Federal Unemployment Tax

The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) established the employer tax for the federal unemployment program. Exact Tax files Form 940, the employer’s annual Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Return, that reports taxable wages paid during the year and reconciles your quarterly FUTA tax deposits.

State and Local Income Taxes

Every employer that pays employee wages is required to withhold income taxes from each payment of taxable wages, if mandated by state or local taxing agencies. Exact Tax transfers applicable state and local taxes on the check date and deposits them by the due date.

Mini Service

Exact Tax will do all of the above but, transfers tax payments from your accounts to all agencies.

Non-Tax Service

Exact Payroll and Exact Tax do not require our clients to use our payroll tax service. If you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to handle your own payroll taxes — giving you more control over cash-flow management. Exact Tax will provide you with your tax liability amounts and due dates.

New Hire Reporting

State agencies require your business to report information about newly hired and rehired employees. We relieve you of the burdensome paperwork and reporting, and we’ll help file your company’s new hire reports with the correct agency within 15 days of the date of hire. We've found this to be extremely helpful for growing businesses who are constantly hiring.

General Ledger Reporting

Our General Ledger reports allow you or your accountant to post payroll entries to QuickBooks® and sixty-two (62) other popular accounting programs in seconds.

We offer paper and electronic versions of each report. This service helps eliminate costly data entry time and errors. Data can be imported for any set of payroll periods desired, making this service a life saver for those who have allowed their bookkeeping to fall a bit behind. Another key feature of this service permits the partial accrual of pay period(s) for year-end accounting purposes.

401K Reporting

Providing the right benefits for your employees is critical to maintaining valuable team players. Flexibility and freedom of choice are important components of top notch benefits. Many payroll service bureaus will try to sell you their 401K solution. Exact Payroll provides full reporting and data exchange to most of the larger 401K third party administrators.

Union Reporting

Union dues and benefit calculations and reporting are time consuming and unproductive. We code your union rules and reporting requirements resulting in automation of the entire process. Various union reports help you streamline the process at month end. Many unions will take our easy to read reports in place of the detail they request. In many cases we are able to duplicate the unions reporting requirements, including graphics.

As an added benefit, you are able to show employer-paid fringe benefits on paystubs, resulting in enhanced employee loyalty and productivity.

Social Security Verification

Correct names and SSNs on W-2 wage reports are the keys to the successful processing of your annual wage report submission. Utilize a one-click option to verify an employee’s social security data directly with the Social Security Administration.

Unemployment Services

Our SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) services help you spend less time on unemployment administration and avoid costly claims in the process.

We take care of the details that can lead to real savings for your business, from processing claims, to record-keeping, and uncovering ineligible benefit charges.

Labor Distribution

Keeping track of costs by department can be critical to monitoring the financial health of your business and certain product lines. When employees work in different departments and cost centers, you should not have to spend hours or days tracking and accounting for this information.

Let us show you how easy it is to track, pay, report on, and account for your labor costs.

Estimating Job Costs

Estimating jobs costs should not be left to guessing. With our job costing functions, you can track every penny for all labor-related expenses. From time clock to payroll to accounting, we can help you track the job without skipping a beat.

Our various job cost reports include payroll earnings, deductions, taxes (employee and employer), workers’ compensation, union fringe benefits and other user-defined items. Job costing data can be exported to Excel® for further manipulation.

Certified Payrolls

Jobs entailing government contracts most likely require weekly certified payroll reports. Preparing and submitting these reports can be tedious at best. When certified jobs are paid, the payroll system uses job and wage data to populate your certified reports. Once a job has been identified as certified we automatically produce the certified payroll report for that week.

Easily Control Budgets

Our timekeeping system allows you to set budgets and compare budgets to actual in terms of hours and dollars. This is a must-have to control costs over various jobs, clients, and departments.

Delivery Options

Local Courier

If your office is in the metropolitan areas served by one of our offices, a local contracted courier will typically deliver your payroll by noon the day after processing.



For clients needing remote or early delivery, Federal Express represents the best option. Because we delivery many packages with FedEx, we are able to pass along very favorable delivery rates for most areas.



In some instances, United Parcel Service provides the most cost or time efficient option.


Print Back

*Same day payroll

This GO-GREEN option allows your company to avoid delivery charges altogether while helping the environment. You can print your payroll checks and reports instantly on your local laser or ink jet printer. Print-back also gives you more time to submit your payroll because you no longer have to plan for delivery.



*Same day payroll

If one of our office locations is convenient to you or one of your employees, you can pick up your payroll on a regular basis. If you periodically have unique circumstances, payroll pick-up can extend your deadline to submit and process payroll.


US Mail

If you still prefer paper but don’t need a rush delivery, we can mail your checks and reports. This option is optimal when all employees utilize direct deposit. US mail represents the least expensive way to receive a delivery of hard copy reports printed in our office.



*Same day payroll

Our VMR (Virtual Mail Room) GO-GREEN option sends any report or pay stub to any combination of email addresses. Payroll stubs can be sent direct to employees while any reports can be emailed to your payroll manager, accountant or pension provider.


Employee Self-Serve

Save valuable time and reduce requests for pay stub and W2 copies by providing your employees a self-service option.  Employees can view and print pay stubs,  W2s and time off balances 24/7.