Payroll Processing in One Simple Package

You receive a complete payroll package each pay period. Included in your delivery are processed payroll checks with essential management reports and supplies, including:

  • Cash Requirements Report showing cash needs to meet payroll and tax obligations
  • Payroll Register including all deductions, taxes and year to date data check
  • Reconciliation showing a list of net pay items to reduce accounting/GL input tax
  • Report for Payroll clearly describing all tax liabilities
  • Tax Notices of tax liabilities and deposits needed to stay in compliance *
  • Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll.

* For businesses choosing to pay and file their own payroll taxes


Superior Client Service

Our Payroll Specialists average of over five years experience in payroll processing client services. Your dedicated rep has in-depth training in a variety of products that complement your basic payroll service. Additional product knowledge includes all software offerings including Time and Attendance, Human Resource Information Systems, Employment Screening and much more. No need to bounce back and forth between specialists when you can get all your answers quickly from one source. All of our client service specialists have instant access to our professional tax group (including a group of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Payroll Professionals), resulting in fast & accurate answers to your tax related issues.


Flexibility – You choose who does what

Most of our services are available based on your preferences. Clients may choose to have Exact Payroll perform any combination of duties while maintaining control of the entire process. Some clients rely on our staff to hire new employees while they control the payroll submission process. This flexibility allows you to leverage your administrative staff efficiently without increasing labor expenses.


Security – Get more done with selective delegation

Full security options in both payroll and timekeeping allow you to delegate screen-level access to your staff based on their responsibilities. You can provide:

  • Your receptionist access to only the “who’s in” dot board for live data about who’s on premise
  • Your recruiter or hiring staff access to the applicant tracking area
  • Payroll data clerk access to input hours without visibility of pay rates or salaries
  • Accounting Department or off-site CPA access to run reports but not make employee changes
  • HR staff access to view HR-only data including PTO balances, either read-only or full access
  • Employees read-only access to times worked, PTO, historical pay stubs and W2s


Workflow – Create your own payroll approval process

Use our systems to create your own approval process within your organization. It is quite common for the payroll manager to create and review periodic payroll data without having the authority to transmit the payroll for processing. In this scenario, the accounting department has final approval authority allowing them to confirm cash requirements and funds availability.